Joomla Administrators Club aims to create the best community for Joomla administrators. Where experienced and new Joomla users can work together, spread ideas, find help and help others.

In a nutshell, it's a hosted forum, entries can be added only from the jadmins component, thus making it a true Joomla Administrators Club.

If you are a Joomla user join the Joomla Administrators Club by downloading and installing the Jadmins component on your Joomla today and join the community, no account creation needed.

Jadmins component demo

Site security and content access control

Joomla Admin-related addons


Content editing

Extension specific addons. Components, plugins or modules to be used with other extensions or that require specific extensions to work.

Hosting & Servers

Website optimization, SEO, SEF, Data analysis, Site infos

Social Web

General discussion